Thursday, 21 September 2017

A Revitalised Remoti!

As they say, it's been a while - but it's good to be back!

For two years now we have been busy working on a complete revamp of both the Remoti unit and the underpinning system in order to add new functionality in response to customer requests and the results of early field trials.

We launched our new unit earlier this year and have now completed field trials to prove its effectiveness and robustness in the field. More on that in a future news bulletin...

The new Remoti unit has : 

·  A new housing which is IP67 rated : Meaning it is fully protected from dust and can be submerged to 1 meter. 
·  An indicator light to replace the buzzer. Perfect for those windy and wet conditions.
·  An increased battery life - we're estimating 2+ years operation on 4 AA batteries.

Full technical specifications can be found here.

And in response to feedback we have revamped our online system such that you can now :
  • Set up text (SMS) alerts on unit activation and error. We have partnered with a SMS provider for this service so while not free, texts can be a cheap as 1.8p. Plus you get 25 free texts to trial the system...
  • Created a dedicated "Administrator" section of the website where user alerts can be set and users given permission to receive text messages (thereby controlling any costs). 
  • Administrators can also access system activity logs to view all the message (email and text) activity happening on their account.    
So a new unit, a revamped online system and SMS text capability! If you're intrigued by what our system can offer you, why not trial a Remoti unit and the full system for 6 weeks with no obligation. Full details can be found on our trials page here!