Thursday, 21 September 2017

A Revitalised Remoti!

As they say, it's been a while - but it's good to be back!

For two years now we have been busy working on a complete revamp of both the Remoti unit and the underpinning system in order to add new functionality in response to customer requests and the results of early field trials.

We launched our new unit earlier this year and have now completed field trials to prove its effectiveness and robustness in the field. More on that in a future news bulletin...

The new Remoti unit has : 

·  A new housing which is IP67 rated : Meaning it is fully protected from dust and can be submerged to 1 meter. 
·  An indicator light to replace the buzzer. Perfect for those windy and wet conditions.
·  An increased battery life - we're estimating 2+ years operation on 4 AA batteries.

Full technical specifications can be found here.

And in response to feedback we have revamped our online system such that you can now :
  • Set up text (SMS) alerts on unit activation and error. We have partnered with a SMS provider for this service so while not free, texts can be a cheap as 1.8p. Plus you get 25 free texts to trial the system...
  • Created a dedicated "Administrator" section of the website where user alerts can be set and users given permission to receive text messages (thereby controlling any costs). 
  • Administrators can also access system activity logs to view all the message (email and text) activity happening on their account.    
So a new unit, a revamped online system and SMS text capability! If you're intrigued by what our system can offer you, why not trial a Remoti unit and the full system for 6 weeks with no obligation. Full details can be found on our trials page here!  

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Forest Trial's Underway

We are pleased to announce that our first 'real world' forestry trial is under-way, closely followed by our second!

We have deployed iPEST units into a commercial forest to trial the use of the iPEST System in the aid of grey squirrel trapping. Grey squirrels can (if left uncontrolled) cause significant amounts of damage to woodlands (link) and of course pose a threat to our native red squirrels.

Distribution of Red's in 1998

With questions still surrounding the continued availability of Warfarin (link) and the fact that Warfarin use is only permitted between 15th March & 15th August, targeted trapping provides a good alternative which can be used all year round and (if live trapping) in environments known to contain reds.

The problem with trapping is that it is a requirement to check the trap every day. That's fine if only using 1 or 2, but prohibitive when looking at anywhere over 20 traps across many hectors of forest.

So the iPEST solution may provide an ideal solution to this problem. We have now two trials running.

1) In a commercial forest setting in which no mobile phone signal exists (call, text or data). However that doesn't appear to stop our iPEST units from functioning!

2) And we are working alongside the Glens Red Squirrel group in Northern Ireland, who are interested in using the units to assist in their work protecting the Red Squirrel populations in the Glens of Antrim.

iPEST Unit in Situ
We are a couple of weeks into each trial and things appear to be going well, and although there is so much food around at the moment the Squirrels don't appear interested in the traps - at least with the iPEST unit in place, valuable time hasn't been spent checking them.


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Low signal environments...

We know pest control doesn't always occur in nice offices - more usually it is in the dark, dank corners of the world!

A huge challenge for the iPEST team has been ensuring that our units work when there is only the smallest hint of network signal available...while at the same time running off standard AAA batteries (for easy replacement in the field).

So how do we test such capability in the middle of Bristol - simple, we use what is effectively a bomb shelter!

An old railway arch which used to support Brunel's Engine Shed 
(Notice the door on the left)

Through the door we go... 

Notice the thickness of the walls... 

To the very back of the room... 

And we find our functioning iPEST unit!

Network signal strength is measured on a scale of 0 - 31 (with 31 being best). In this location we have recorded signal strengths as low as 1 (with an average of 6), transmitted to our servers by the iPEST unit.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

So it has been a good few months since I last blogged! But we've been head down creating our iPEST unit and web solution and today we can show you some of the results.

We've attached the unit to both an SX Trap-E unit and a live catch rabbit trap to demonstrate the unit, but it can be attached to any trap or device with a mechanical action!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

iPEST on BBC Bristol

And for those who missed it, here is me and Nick talking about our iPEST Solution and the launch of the Engine Shed on BBC Bristol Radio.


Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Well yesterday was quite a day. 

8am I was talking about our iPEST solution on BBC Bristol radio.

12pm : I was stood in the middle of a pen with around 100 brown rats in Hampshire (secret trial location)

6pm : iPEST was featured on BBC Points West at the same time as I was talking to investors during the Engine Shed launch event. 

And we have the video! Courtesy & copyright of the BBC.  

Like I say, quite a day.

Friday, 29 November 2013

An Early Start...

So welcome to the iPEST blog!  

I shall be honest - the iPEST website has been made 'live' about a month earlier than I had originally intended. Why? Well - this coming Monday (2nd December) iPEST is being featured on BBC Bristol Radio and BBC Points West News as part of the Engine Shed launch.  So exciting stuff!

While we are a UK based business our technology can go all over the world, so I'm looking forward to hearing reports from across the globe! 

Do post your own thoughts and keep in touch...