Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Low signal environments...

We know pest control doesn't always occur in nice offices - more usually it is in the dark, dank corners of the world!

A huge challenge for the iPEST team has been ensuring that our units work when there is only the smallest hint of network signal available...while at the same time running off standard AAA batteries (for easy replacement in the field).

So how do we test such capability in the middle of Bristol - simple, we use what is effectively a bomb shelter!

An old railway arch which used to support Brunel's Engine Shed 
(Notice the door on the left)

Through the door we go... 

Notice the thickness of the walls... 

To the very back of the room... 

And we find our functioning iPEST unit!

Network signal strength is measured on a scale of 0 - 31 (with 31 being best). In this location we have recorded signal strengths as low as 1 (with an average of 6), transmitted to our servers by the iPEST unit.

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